What is Mediation on youtube from the Mediators’ Institute of Ireland.

The Mediators’ Institute of Ireland have produced some youtube videos giving excellent information on Mediation.

Susan Appelbe is a trained Mediator who is accredited to the MII or Mediators, Institute of Ireland.

Susan Appelbe is bringing vast legal knowledge to the table having worked for many years as a Solicitor. Susan worked in the areas of Property Law, Conveyancing, Litigation(Supreme Court, High Court, Circuit Court and District Court), Family Law, Succession and Probate.

Susan Appelbe is a Mediator who is working mostly in the Munster area. Susan works all over Cork county from Youghal in East Cork, Mitchelstown in North Cork and Castletownbere in West Cork. Susan also Mediates in other counties including Kerry, Tipperary Laois, Carlow,Waterford, Clare and Limerick and Dublin. She works Primarily in the areas of Commercial Mediation and Family Mediation. In Commercial Mediation in particular dealing with disputes between employees in the workplace such as bullying, harassment, workplace policies and procedures, disciplinary procedures  and arguments between staff.  Additionally she does a lot of work in family Meditations. Couples prior to getting a Divorce or legal separation come to Susan for a mediated agreement in the areas of family finances, succession rights, custody , access,child maintenance, spousal maintenance, university fees and expenses for children, behavioral and health issues with children. Mediated agreements last longer than Court orders and are preferable in family law matters in particular.

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