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Land and Property Mediation

Property law is a area that disputes regularly arise, issues include:

  • Ownership
  • Leases
  • Squatters rights
  • Rights of Way
  • Easements (usually a right to run a cable or a pipe through another property)
  • Boundary issues, these can become very contentious between neighbours especially where property is very expensive. Old maps sometimes do not reflect what is on the ground. Sometimes a boundary expert or Land Surveyor will be required to attempt to determine where the boundary lies.

Susan from Appelbe mediation worked as a solicitor primarily in the areas of property law and conveyancing with both Land Registry and Registry of Deeds property titles so has an excellent understanding of the options open to people and what solutions may be possible.Susan worked with all types of conveyancing when she was working as a solicitor. This included boundary disputes, land transfers, succession, wills, taxes, neighbour and family disputes. Susan with her legal knowledge on conveyancing and property issues is well positioned to be the Mediator on such disputes.

The mediator will help the clients

  • Isolate the disputed issues.
  • Discuss the options open to the parties.
  • Develop and explore the options and potential consequences for same.
  • Deal with any imbalance of power between the parties
  • Draft and agreement if one is reached.

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