Conference: Mediation Act, 2017: What Every Litigation Practitioner Needs to Know

Mediation Act, 2017: What Every Litigation Practitioner Needs to Know Friday 15th June 2018, 2pm – 5.30pm The Radisson, Golden Lane, Dublin 8 CPD: 1 General and 2 Management Chaired by The Honourable Mr. Justice Brian J. McGovern Distinguished speakers include: Cormac O'Hanlon, Solicitor Helen Kilroy, Solicitor Lisa Broderick, Solicitor William Aylmer, Solicitor Mediation has [...]

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The Mediators’ Institute has critisised media coverage.

It is disappointing to see that the Media has given some inaccurate information to the public in relation to Mediation in the reporting of the Cervical Cancer Controversy.   President of the Mediators' institute of Ireland Sabine Walsh expressed her disappointment at the “misleading and inaccurate” information in the Media about Mediation. Sabine Walsh pointed [...]

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It is great to see more great results from Mediation. Mediation resolves 80% of disputes!

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Mediation in the workplace

This is a great Article on Mediation in the workplace. Using Mediation in the workplace is a great way of reducing exposure to legal issues from employees.   Appelbe Mediation have carried out many work place meditations, in particular in the areas of bullying, harassment including sexual harassment dealing with procedure violations, formal [...]

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